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    you share an interest in an online game
    Get out in the world and start from basics. Recapture all of the fun you had when starting a new character, even if it's just for a few hours of nostalgic bliss. Event time Of course, it'd be odd if you had no way to communicate with your linkshell during the downtime. Even though the forums are a recent addition to the game, players have long since found ways to keep in touch outside of the interface -- and by the time you're reading this, odds are good that the servers will be up again anyhow and allowing you all a stream of communication. So take advantage of that fact and start planning an event with your in-game friends. Note that I'm not necessarily talking about the usual endgame events. I'm just talking about something for fun, a trip to a far-away and dangerous region or a low-level mission romp or even something abjectly ridiculous. The latter is obviously easier to do in FFXI due to the game's wider variety of activities, but while you can't hold a chocobo race, you can have a footrace from Ul'dah to Gridania or a naked level 1 discipline-grinding party. That last one sounded way dirtier than it ought to.     tibia gold    rappelz rupees    flyff penya A lot of the friendships that form in-game wind up following you outside of the game, but your first reason for interacting with these people is the fact that you share an interest in an online game. The best w ...

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